One O Eight has a story worth telling the world. We started our journey with a deep understanding of two tipping points that were essential for our survival in the industry: consumer perspective and technological trends. Our prime focus has always been and will always be to create an entire event experience than to replicate and stay mediocre. After a decade, we take this opportunity to thank all our stakeholders who gave us the opportunity to learn, grow and most importantly, evolve.

We are proud of our leadership team and dedicated team of qualified designers, fabricators and event managers who are our Partners in Progress. We specialize in exhibition stands, advertising, retail spaces and office interiors. As a client-centric company, we make sure that our client’s brief is translated into spaces that have a comprehensive look and feel. With a clientele list that includes government entities and well-known brands, we are a global company that caters to both the regional and international market.


” To maximize customer and shareholders value through world class manufacturing practices: continually striving for excellence in services we provide. “


” To be a corporation that best understands and satisfies the product, services and self-fulfillment needs of all stakeholders globally. “
We know that we can help build a world-class brand, together.

Why Choose Us?


Innovation is the key to any brand building process. We have the tools and resources to innovate a brand that is beyond your expectations as well as the expectations of your customers.


Using the findings of the analysis done in the last stage, we design the elements that can contribute suitably to the interactive aspect of your brand, thus helping you build a preferable experience.


Our production process involves analysis of your project and the result that we need to work to achieve. This is the foundation of developing something that is capable of delivering the desired results.


The last phase is the activation or development of your brand identity and then using it everywhere is will have a positive impact. We work to make the visuals and experience create the right impact.

Our Team

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